Our Kindergarten is nowadays, a big and sunny placewhere  children satisfy their all dailyneeds. We play, learn, exercise, create, grow, sing, dance….

under the caringeyes of all staff…. educated, professional, devoted to their mission and the mostof all, full of love for children.

Our curriculum is interesting, easily adopted, fun and fullof joy for learning.

It gives all necessary basics for further years ofschooling.

It provides the basics about all four language skills, basics aboutscience and general knowledge, about numbers and math, mother tongue and aboutsecond language optionally chosen between French and German.

Pre – K classes are joyful place for little ones. They play,learn and grow, surrounded by love and genuine care of all our staff.

Preschoolers  get basics about languages(Arabic and English), about the numbers, shapes and colours….

During the yearthey practice motor skills by drawing, colouring and tracing.

The most important thing of all is that pre-K children get socialized and get familiarwith the place, environment and classmates. They learn about friendship andsharing.

Therefore our shinny and sunny kindergarten is just rightplace for your child. Welcome all!


Kindergarten’s principal

Mrs. Aida KUKO