Vision & Mission

Sun Gate Language School promotes academic excellence through quality instructions by equipping students to become faithful citizens and honest leaders. We will prepare our students to be innovative forward thinkers who are culturally responsive to an ever-changing diverse society.

WELCOME TO SunGate Language Schools

Sun Gate Language School was founded in 1990 as a private and Language school from K-12 with the aim of providing the most comprehensive British curriculum as a college preparatory education. A unique bilingual programme in English, and Arabic, along with strong math and science programmes.
Sun Gate Language School mission statement is based on teaching every student to the best of his/her abilities, we have an outstanding record being the highest scoring school in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Our Mission: Sun Gate Language School will be recognized as a provider of top quality education to a highly diverse student body. Sun Gate Language School will strive to help all students achieve their full potential, prepare them for success in college, equip them with the ability and desire for lifelong learning, and strengthen their civic, ethical, and moral values.
Sun Gate Language School will maintain high standards of efficiency and accountability throughout their operation.

OurVision: We want our students to be excited by their learning: with their talents developed, motivated to become lifelong learners able to take full advantage of their next stage, orpathway, in their learning journey.


  •  We want our children to be able to make the ‘right choices’, including knowing when to say no, so as to become, not only skilled learners in their journey to becoming caring future citizens.


Wewant our students to do their best to be proud of their own theirachievements, who know how to set goals and know how to achievethem.

Admission Documentation

The following documents are necessary for registration:


1.      Original of Birth certificate

2.      6 Photos

3.      Copy of parent's ID

4.      Education certificates "for the parents"